Walking, Hiking & Running Trails

We’ve partnered with AllTrails to bring you the best Walking, Hiking and Running Trails in Greece, which are free and generally off the main tourist trail.

Just click on a map below or download the All-Trails app and put one foot in front of the other to start your adventure. We have highlighted trails in the locations we visit in Greece, so you can plan ahead for your visit, just click on the location for detailed trails. You’ll always have something to do whilst travelling with us, be it in a group or on your own, however, we always recommend that you travel with someone or at least let them know where you are at all times.

For the energetic, you can use the trails for an early morning walk or run, which is always a great time to see the locals go about their daily routines.

The AllTrails app provides you with loads of information such as the length, difficulty elevations and weather of the area you will be exploring as well as the detailed 2D and 3D maps of the routes.

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