Greek Airports

Greece is one of the world’s top tourist destinations, with over 30 million visitors per year coming to enjoy the culture, history and sailing pristine waters. Tourism is one of the main sources of income in Greece underlining its importance to the country.

The most efficient way to arrive in Greece is by plane, whether you start or end your journey in Greece with us we will join the dots for your to start and finish your tour with us in style.

Arriving in Greece during the summer might be through one of the major international airports in Athens or Thessaloniki or directly to one of the Greek Islands, such as Santorni, Mykonos or Corfu, even from Australia or Brasil (via Dubai).

For help in booking your flights, get in touch with us to assist, because, although you may arrive by plane there could well be taxis, buses, trains and or ferries involved in your transfers to your tour and back, but rest assured we’ll find the most efficient way for you to travel in Greece.

Check out our post on Transfers for more information on Airports and transportation.

If you’re taking a sailing or land tour with us, we always recommend a few days in Athens if you have the time which we can arrange for you.

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