Welcome to Milos, a picturesque island located in the stunning Cyclades archipelago of Greece. Milos is renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, clear waters, and a rich history that dates to ancient times. Whether you are a beach lover, an adventure seeker, or a history enthusiast, Milos offers an unforgettable experience for every traveller.

How to Get There

The best way to see Milos is on a Luxe Sailing tour. Milos is easily accessible by both air and sea. The island has its own airport (Milos Island National Airport – MLO) with regular flights from Athens International Airport and other major Greek cities. Alternatively, you can reach Milos by ferry from Athens’ ports, such as Piraeus and Rafina. Ferries also connect Milos to other islands in the Cyclades, making it a convenient destination for island hopping.

Getting Around

Milos has a well-developed transportation system that allows visitors to explore the island with ease. You can rent a car, motorcycle, or ATV from various rental agencies to tour the island independently. Local buses are available and provide a budget-friendly option for getting around. Taxis are also readily available.


Milos boasts a unique blend of traditional Cycladic culture and influences from various civilizations that have passed through its shores. The island’s museums, such as the Archaeological Museum in Plaka, highlight ancient artifacts and provide insight into Milos’ fascinating history. The locals are warm and hospitable, and you will often find them celebrating their culture through traditional festivals and events.

Activities and Adventures

  1. Beach Hopping: With over seventy beaches on the island, Milos is a paradise for beach lovers. Sarakiniko, with its lunar-like landscape, and Kleftiko, accessible only by boat, are must-visit beaches.
  2. Boat Tours: Take a boat tour to explore the unique rock formations and sea caves that surround Milos. Kleftiko, as mentioned earlier, is a popular stop on these tours.
  3. Hiking and Nature Exploration: Discover the island’s natural beauty by hiking through its diverse landscapes, including volcanic terrain and coastal trails.
  4. Water Sports: Engage in a range of water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, and windsurfing, which are widely available on the island.
  5. Milos Mining History Tour: Learn about the island’s mining heritage by visiting abandoned mines and learning about the extraction of minerals, including the famous Milos obsidian.


Milos offers a delectable array of traditional Greek dishes with a focus on fresh seafood and local produce. You must try:

  1. Seafood: Sample freshly caught fish, octopus, and squid prepared in traditional Greek recipes.
  2. Cheese: Milos is famous for its exceptional cheeses, such as the flavourful “mizithra” and “xinotyro.”
  3. Gastronomic Tours: Join a gastronomic tour to explore local tavernas and taste various island specialties.
  4. Sweets: Don’t miss the opportunity to savour traditional Greek desserts like baklava and loukoumades.

Nightlife and Entertainment

While Milos is not known for its bustling nightlife, there are several charming spots to enjoy a relaxing evening:

  1. Sunset Views: Witness breathtaking sunsets from various spots on the island, including Plaka and Pollonia.
  2. Beach Bars: Beaches offer beachfront bars where you can unwind with a cocktail while listening to the waves.
  3. Traditional Music and Dance: Look out for local events and festivals that feature traditional Greek music and dance.
  4. Stargazing: Due to minimal light pollution, Milos is an excellent location for stargazing. Consider taking a night tour to observe the stars in all their glory.


Milos, Greece, is a hidden gem in the Mediterranean, offering an enchanting mix of nature, culture, and adventure. Immerse yourself in the island’s beauty, indulge in its culinary delights, and create memories that will last a lifetime. Plan your trip to Milos today and get ready for an unforgettable journey in the heart of the Cyclades!

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