Welcome to the picturesque island of Kalymnos, nestled in the stunning Aegean Sea, Greece. Known for its rugged landscapes, clear waters, and vibrant culture, Kalymnos offers a unique blend of relaxation and adventure. Whether you are seeking a tranquil beach getaway or an action-packed exploration, Kalymnos has something to offer everyone.

How to Get There

You can reach Kalymnos by air and sea. The island has a small airport with limited international flights, so the most common way to arrive is by ferry from neighbouring islands like Kos or from the port of Piraeus in Athens. Regular ferry services ensure convenient access, and the journey itself offers breathtaking views of the Aegean.

Getting Around

Kalymnos is a relatively small island, making it easy to navigate. Public buses, taxis, and rental cars are available for getting around. However, to truly experience the island’s charm, consider renting a scooter or a bike. The roads are well-maintained and offer delightful rides through the scenic landscapes.


The island’s rich cultural heritage is deeply intertwined with its maritime history and sponge diving tradition. Visit the Maritime and Folklore Museum to learn about Kalymnos’ seafaring past and the hardships faced by the islanders. Do not miss the opportunity to engage with the friendly locals, who are known for their warmth and hospitality.

Activities and Adventures

  1. Rock Climbing: Kalymnos is a paradise for rock climbers, with its limestone cliffs offering a variety of routes suitable for all levels. Join guided climbing tours or explore the cliffs independently.
  2. Diving and Snorkelling: Explore the vibrant underwater world around the island, which includes fascinating marine life and underwater caves.
  3. Hiking: Lace up your hiking boots and explore the island’s trails, taking you through breathtaking landscapes, hidden valleys, and traditional villages.
  4. Water sports: Engage in activities like kayaking, windsurfing, and paddleboarding, taking full advantage of the clear blue waters.
  5. Boat Tours: Embark on boat tours that take you to secluded coves, pristine beaches, and nearby islets for an unforgettable day at sea.


Indulge in the flavours of Kalymnos with its delectable cuisine:

  • Seafood: Enjoy fresh catch from the Aegean Sea, including grilled octopus, calamari, and succulent fish.
  • Sponges and Honey: Try local delicacies like sponge-shaped desserts and thyme honey, which are unique to the island.
  • Pitaridia: A traditional pasta dish made with goat’s milk and eggs, highlighting the island’s agricultural heritage.
  • Mezedes: Experience the Greek tradition of sharing small plates, accompanied by local wine or ouzo.

Nightlife and Entertainment

While Kalymnos is not known for its bustling nightlife, you can still enjoy evenings in charming tavernas and bars. Head to Pothia, the island’s capital, for a mix of traditional and modern establishments. Experience live music events, cultural performances, and beachfront cocktails as you unwind after a day of exploration.


Your journey to Kalymnos promises to be an unforgettable experience, offering a harmonious blend of natural beauty, cultural immersion, and exhilarating adventures. Pack your bags and get ready to make memories that will last a lifetime on this enchanting Greek island.

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