Discover the hidden gem of the Aegean Sea – Karpathos! Nestled between Rhodes and Crete, this island boasts untouched beauty, rich culture, and a captivating atmosphere. With its pristine beaches, charming villages, and warm hospitality, Karpathos is a paradise waiting to be explored.

How to Get There

Getting to Karpathos is an adventure. You can fly into Karpathos Island National Airport from major Greek cities or take a ferry from Piraeus, Rhodes, or other neighbouring islands. The ferry journey offers breathtaking views of the sea and the island’s rugged coastline.

Getting Around

Exploring Karpathos is best done by renting a car, motorbike, or scooter. This gives you the freedom to venture into the heart of the island, discovering hidden coves, traditional villages, and stunning viewpoints. Alternatively, the local bus system connects major villages and attractions if you prefer a more relaxed mode of transportation.


Karpathos is steeped in authentic Greek culture. Traditional villages like Olympos and Menetes offer a glimpse into the island’s rich history, with their stone houses, narrow alleys, and charming windmills. Do not miss the chance to witness local festivals, where you can experience traditional music, dance, and customs passed down through generations.

Activities and Adventures

Adventure awaits on Karpathos! Engage in thrilling water sports like windsurfing, kiteboarding, and snorkelling in the clear waters. Hike along ancient trails that lead to stunning vistas, such as the trail to Kyra Panagia. For a unique experience, embark on a boat tour to explore secluded beaches and sea caves, including the famous Apella Beach.


Indulge in the island’s delectable cuisine that reflects its history and culture. Sample local specialties like “makarounes” (pasta), “pitaridia” (small pasta with goat broth), and “soufiko” (stew with vegetables and meat). Fresh seafood is a highlight, with octopus, squid, and fish dishes gracing many menus. Top off your meal with a glass of local wine or the famous spirit, ouzo.

Nightlife and Entertainment

While Karpathos is not known for its wild nightlife, it offers a charming and laid-back scene. Enjoy evenings at local taverns, where you can savour traditional Greek music and dance. For a more modern experience, head to Pigadia, the island’s capital, where you will find cozy bars and beachfront lounges, perfect for unwinding under the starlit sky.


Karpathos is a destination that will capture your heart with its unspoiled beauty, rich culture, and warm hospitality. Whether you seek adventure, relaxation, or a journey into authentic Greek life, this island offers an unforgettable experience. Pack your bags and get ready to explore the enchanting island of Karpathos – your dream Greek getaway awaits!

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