Nestled in the azure waters of the Ionian Sea, Corfu is a paradise of picturesque landscapes, ancient history, and vibrant culture. Known as Kerkyra to the locals, this Greek island offers a perfect blend of sandy beaches, lush greenery, and charming villages. From its Venetian-inspired architecture to its lively nightlife, Corfu promises an unforgettable experience for every traveller.

How to Get There

Join a Luxe Sailing tour for the best way to see Corfu. Corfu is well-connected to major European cities, making it easily accessible by air and sea. You can reach the island via Corfu International Airport, which receives regular flights from various destinations. Alternatively, there are ferry services from mainland Greece and neighbouring islands for those who prefer the scenic route.

Getting Around

Corfu’s compact size makes it easy to explore, and there are several convenient transportation options available. Renting a car or a scooter is a popular choice for those who want to explore the island at their own pace. Public buses are also reliable and cover many popular routes. Taxis are readily available, especially in the main towns and tourist areas.


Corfu’s culture is a fascinating blend of Greek, Venetian, and British influences due to its historical background. You will notice the architectural elegance of Venetian-style buildings, picturesque squares, and narrow cobbled streets. The locals are warm and welcoming, proud of their traditions and heritage, often celebrated through lively festivals and events.

Activities and Adventures

  1. Beach Bliss: Corfu boasts some of Greece’s most stunning beaches, such as Paleokastritsa, Glyfada, and Sidari. Enjoy swimming in the crystal-clear waters, sunbathing on the sandy shores, or indulging in water sports like snorkelling, diving, and jet-skiing.
  2. Exploring Old Town: Wander through Corfu Town’s Old Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and get lost in its charming maze of alleyways. Discover historical landmarks like the Old Fortress, the Liston promenade, and the Saint Spyridon Church.
  3. Achilleion Palace: Visit the majestic Achilleion Palace, a neoclassical mansion with beautiful gardens and stunning views. The palace, once owned by Empress Elisabeth of Austria, offers a glimpse into the island’s royal past.
  4. Hiking Adventures: Nature enthusiasts will love exploring the diverse landscapes of Corfu. Head to Mount Pantokrator for scenic hiking trails, where you will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas.
  5. Boat Excursions: Take a boat tour around the island, exploring hidden coves, sea caves, and remote islets. Some tours even include visits to nearby Paxos and Antipaxos islands.


Corfu’s gastronomy is a delightful fusion of Mediterranean flavours with local twists. Do not miss these culinary experiences:

  1. Pastitsada: A traditional Corfiot dish, pastitsada consists of pasta with a slow-cooked meat (usually rooster or beef) and a rich tomato sauce flavoured with spices.
  2. Sofrito: Thinly sliced veal cooked with white wine, garlic, and vinegar, resulting in a tender and flavourful dish unique to Corfu.
  3. Bourdeto: A spicy fish stew with red pepper and garlic, perfect for seafood lovers.
  4. Kumquat Delicacies: Try sweets and liqueurs made from the island’s famous kumquats, a small citrus fruit grown in Corfu.

Nightlife and Entertainment

Corfu comes alive after the sun sets, offering a vibrant nightlife scene. Head to:

  1. Kavos: A party hotspot with beachside clubs and bars catering to a young and energetic crowd.
  2. Corfu Town: Experience a more sophisticated ambiance with cozy bars, live music venues, and cultural performances.
  3. Sidari: Enjoy a mix of beach bars and tavernas, offering relaxed evenings with stunning sunsets.


Corfu, Greece, is a treasure trove of natural beauty, historical wonders, and lively entertainment. Whether you seek relaxation on the beaches, an immersion in Greek history, or a lively nightlife, this enchanting island has something to offer every traveller. Explore its riches, indulge in its cuisine, and create unforgettable memories amidst its captivating charm.

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