Nestled in the heart of the Ionian Islands, Oxia is a hidden gem waiting to be discovered. With its untouched natural beauty, crystal-clear waters, and warm hospitality, this island is the perfect destination for an unforgettable getaway. Whether you seek relaxation on pristine beaches or crave thrilling adventures, Oxia has it all.

How to Get There

Oxia Island is part of the Luxe Sailing tours. The island is accessible primarily by ferry from nearby islands such as Zakynthos and Kefalonia or from mainland Greece. Ferries run regularly during the tourist season, so you can easily plan your trip accordingly. For international travellers, you can fly to nearby airports in Zakynthos or Kefalonia and then take a ferry to Oxia.

Getting Around

The best way to explore the island is by renting a car or a scooter, as it gives you the freedom to venture into its hidden corners. Alternatively, you can rely on the local bus services, which are reliable and cover the main tourist spots. Walking and cycling are also popular options for discovering the picturesque landscapes of Oxia.


Oxia is rich in cultural heritage, and you’ll find the locals warm and welcoming. Embrace the island’s traditions by attending local festivals, where you can witness traditional dances, music, and art. Don’t miss the chance to explore the quaint villages, each with its own unique charm and cultural identity.

Activities and Adventures

  1. Beach Bliss: Oxia boasts numerous pristine beaches with golden sands and turquoise waters. Sunbathe, swim, or indulge in water sports like snorkelling, scuba diving, and kayaking to explore the marine life and hidden coves.
  2. Hiking and Nature Trails: Lace up your hiking boots and embark on scenic trails that lead you to breathtaking viewpoints and secluded spots. awe inspired untouched nature will leave you awe-inspired.
  3. Boat Excursions: Take a boat tour around the island to witness its dramatic cliffs, sea caves, and stunning coastline. Many tours also include stops at nearby islands for a complete Ionian experience.
  4. Water sports: For thrill-seekers, Oxia offers windsurfing and kitesurfing opportunities, taking advantage of the island’s favourable wind conditions.
  5. Historical Sites: Visit ancient ruins and historical landmarks, such as the ancient Acropolis of Oxia, to immerse yourself in the island’s rich history.


Indulge your taste buds in the delectable Ionian cuisine that Oxia has to offer. Savor freshly caught seafood, locally sourced vegetables, and flavourful olive oil. Don’t forget to try the island’s signature dish, “Bourdeto,” a spicy fish stew that’s a gastronomic delight.

Nightlife and Entertainment

While Oxia offers a more laid-back atmosphere, you can still find charming beach bars and tavernas that often host live music events, creating the perfect ambiance for a relaxing evening. Stroll through the quaint streets and enjoy the tranquil nightlife that complements the island’s serene surroundings.


Oxia Island is a true paradise for nature enthusiasts, adventure seekers, and those in search of authentic Greek culture. With its stunning landscapes, warm community, and diverse activities, you’ll undoubtedly create lasting memories during your visit to this enchanting destination. So, pack your bags, and let our tour agency make your dream vacation to Oxia a reality!

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