Responsible Travel Policy

Updated at 06/12/2023

Becoming a Responsible Traveler with Luxe Sailing Tours

Embarking on a luxurious sailing or land tour with Luxe Sailing Tours involves not just indulging in the lap of opulence but also adopting a responsible travel ethos. Our commitment to responsible tourism is integrated into every aspect of our trips, ensuring that your journey not only brings joy to you but also positively impacts the local communities, cultures, and environments you encounter.

Discover the Luxe Sailing Tours Top 10 Responsible Travel Guidelines:

  1. Cultural Awareness:
    Before setting off, immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of the countries you will be visiting. Learn about the language, religion, and local customs, fostering a deeper appreciation for the destinations.
  2. Respectful Behaviour:
    Understand and adhere to appropriate behaviour and body language.
  3. Local Support:
    Choose to support locally owned businesses, hotels, and restaurants. Delight your palate with local cuisine and savour regional brands. Opt for public transport, bike rentals, or walking to connect with local communities.
  4. Conscious Choices:
    Exercise discernment when selecting dining options, shopping venues, or entertainment. Refrain from supporting establishments that exploit or engage in cruelty towards endangered species.
  5. Artisanal Appreciation:
    Foster the preservation of traditional crafts by shopping from local artisans. Prioritize locally made products over imports, bargaining respectfully when local customs allow.
  6. Cultural Sensitivity:
    Dress respectfully, considering local standards. Adhere to modest attire at religious sites and adhere to guidelines for swimwear at pools and beaches.
  7. Ask Before You Capture:
    Seek permission before photographing or recording individuals. Foster a two-way exchange by sharing copies of photos with the subjects.
  8. Thoughtful Giving:
    Exercise caution when giving gifts or money to strangers. Consider contributing to community welfare through local schools, clinics, or development projects for a more constructive impact.
  9. Eco-Conscious Choices:
    Treat the environment as your own. Leave only footprints, disposing of waste responsibly. Opt for eco-friendly alternatives and say ‘No’ to plastic bags. Carry a portable container for cigarette butts.
  10. Support Beyond Your Journey:
    Upon returning home, reflect on ways to support programs and organizations, such as those partnered with The Luxe Sailing Tours Foundation, dedicated to safeguarding the welfare, culture, and environment of the places you were fortunate to visit.

Luxe Sailing Tours invites you to travel responsibly, leaving a positive legacy in the wake of your unforgettable journeys.

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